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About Us

Our Mission

At Balboa Ambulance Service, our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service and exceptional clinical patient care to the citizens of San Diego. B.A.S. has proudly served the citizens of San Diego since December 1989; and successfully provides services throughout San Diego County to more than 100 skilled nursing facilities and acute care hospitals. In 1992, B.A.S. established an Air Ambulance division, as well as a special events division to complement our already existing B.L.S., C.C.T. and Wheelchair program. With the addition of these added value services, Balboa Ambulance stands alone as the “Only” private medical transportation provider in San Diego County capable of offering this fully comprehensive transportation package. Having the business acumen, along with the resources necessary to offer a “One-Stop-Shop” solution, exemplifies our ability and willingness to not only address our customer’s needs, but more importantly, deliver the services necessary to exceed our customer’s expectations. This commitment to customer service is an example of what differentiates Balboa Ambulance Service apart from the other providers who are limited to merely offering a single layer program.

Medical Professionals

Balboa's Nurses, Medics and EMTs are certified and licensed through both local and national licensing authorities. All of our medical personnel are continually monitored and tested through ongoing Continuing Medical Education Programs. As well all Emergency Medical Technicians are screened to ensure driving records meet the highest safety standards. Our Critical Care Transport Nurses are some of the most experienced in the industry as they are qualified to perform both ground and air ambulance transports.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance/quality improvement directors utilize established and proven protocols in order to monitor and maintain the highest levels of service and patient care provided by our EMTs, nurses, dispatch and billing team members. A philosophy of proactive and preventative conduct in all areas of our company serves to advance safety, patient care, and customer service to name a few. Balboa's Quality Assurance professionals are constantly in tune with customer input in order to refine and integrate the ever changing needs of our customer base.


Balboa Ambulance Services ("Balboa Ambulance") continually strives to provide high quality emergency care and medical transportation services to our patients, and to maintain high standards of integrity in our dealings with our patients' families, as well as our own staff members and those with whom we do business. It is our philosophy that we provide all of our services in full compliance with all laws and regulations. This requires the highest standard of conduct from all of our staff members. This philosophy of total compliance is the foundation of all that we do, and consistent with that philosophy, Balboa Ambulance has approved and adopted this Code of Conduct.

Any Compliance concerns can be directed to the following resources, completely confidential.

* Nicole Wesser - Compliance Officer at (619) 440-2093
* Outsourced Hotline Specialists - Tollfree (855) 252-7606
* website :